Ariana Grande's First Ever Performance Of "Thank U, Next" Was Empowering And Emotional

    I'm so, I'm so grateful for this performance.

    Over the weekend, Ariana Grande surprised her fans by dropping a new single, "Thank U, Next", which is all about self-love and learning from past relationships.

    In the song, Ariana announced to the world she's in a new, good relationship with herself after her split from Pete Davidson a few weeks ago. Queen of empowerment!

    Ariana made an appearance on The Ellen Show on Wednesday — alongside two of her BFFs, Victoria Monet and Tayla Parx — to perform "Thank U, Next" for the first time.

    Ariana paid homage to the movie First Wives Club with the performance, even down to the choreography.

    Ariana was radiating happiness during the song. Even when she tripped and almost fell off a chair, she just laughed it off with her friends.

    But she did get visibly emotional at one point.

    Ariana got noticeably choked up during the bridge, in which she sings about eventually getting married and having her mom walk her down the aisle.

    And I'm honestly about to cry myself thinking about how her friends were there to help her through it.

    The emotional moment wasn't lost on Ariana's fans, who praised her strength after such a difficult couple of years.

    Ariana about to cry in the third verse of thank u, next on Ellen HURT my mf heart so bad!!! I’m so so glad she had Victoria and Tayla up there with her to keep her smiling and giggling. My strong little lady, she’s so amazin’.

    ariana did so well at the ellen show, bby almost cried :( i love her

    Ariana started crying while performing thank u, next on Ellen:(

    And they all said how nice it was to see her so happy.

    This Ellen performance of thank u, next its now one of my favorites of Ariana Not because she reached any high note, not because she sang like a queen But because she was having so much fun, was laughing a lot and seemed happy af I want her to be like this forever plz

    seeing ariana, victoria and tayla being all happy and dancing up those steps on ellen was jus the best thing. an iconic performance. they looked like they had so much fun. thank u, next.

    Sis i just want to hug ariana grande after watching her performance on ellen a sis is strong and glowing and having fun

    Keep living your best life, Ariana. 💜

    You can watch Ariana's performance in full on EllenTube.