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Ariana Grande's Starbucks Drink Isn't Vegan And People Are Seriously Confused

"A LOT of people came to my store today thinking it was vegan."

You're probably aware that last week the ponytail queen herself, Ms Ariana Grande, announced she was collaborating with Starbucks on a new drink called the Cloud Macchiato.

The drink is basically an espresso shot and milk with fluffy foam on top, comes in caramel or cinnamon flavour, and is apparently pretty good!

But while many people have enjoyed a Cloud Macchiato of their own over the last few days, others have been inspecting the ingredients list — and they aren't happy.

According to the Starbucks website, the Cloud Macchiato requires egg white powder to make the foam, and the syrup in the caramel version includes butter, heavy cream, and milk.

In other words, it's very much not vegan.

That would be all well and good, but Ariana herself has professed to be vegan since 2013, when she tweeted she had "always kept meat minimal" but had officially decided to go 100% vegan.

She even encouraged fans to "try the soy version" when she announced the launch of the drink on Twitter.

A lot of people tweeted saying they assumed the Cloud Macchiato would be vegan — or at least would be customisable — seeing as she's been vocal about her veganism in the past.

I thought Starbucks new drink since it’s being endorsed by Ariana Grande would be able to be made vegan since you know she IS vegan, but upon research it has egg white powder in. V sad

i thought ariana was a vegan so i was expecting the cloud drink to have a vegan option but i was BAMBOOZLED.... @ArianaGrande you will be handled.

Even Starbucks employees have been tweeting, saying people are coming into their stores expecting the drink to be vegan if they request soy milk like Ariana suggested.


"Ariana says she's vegan herself," one person tweeted. "A LOT of people came to my store today thinking it was vegan."

Ariana says she's vegan herself. THAT'S the issue with her consuming and promoting a non-vegan drink. A LOT of people came to my store today thinking it was vegan.

But because the egg whites are necessary to create the Cloud's foam, it's literally impossible to make a vegan version of the drink, even if you choose a nondairy milk alternative.

As a barista AT Starbucks, I think it’s really weird that Ariana Grande is the ambassador for the new drink. You literally cannot make it vegan, the key ingredient in cloud powder is egg whites to make it more like meringue 🤷‍♂️

was so excited to try ariana’s collab drinks w @Starbucks but they aren’t vegan or even dairy free :( what the HECK ari

so i cant have cloud cos it’s not vegan, i thought i could cause ari promotes its :( #cloudmacchiato

why did ariana make a drink that cannot be made vegan when she is vegan herself wtf i wanted one

Some people are saying Ariana shouldn't be advertising the drink in the first place, since she also promotes veganism.

how is ariana grande promoting the new starbucks cloud macchiato when she’s vegan when the drink contains egg and dairy lmao

Ariana: I’m vegan I love animals I could never think about eating another way! Also Ariana: *releases drink with egg whites w/ Starbucks*

Isn't ariana grande vegan? Why is she promoting a drink with dairy? "Try the soy version"... hunny the caramel drizzle & cloud powder both have dairy in them... but go off sis make everyone pay the extra 60 cents for soy milk and boost Starbuck's sales

But some people defended Ariana, saying she probably wasn't consulted when it came to the ingredients that went into the drink.

all i have to say abt this ariana not having a vegan starbucks drink despite her being vegan is........ shes definitely NOT in charge of what goes into the drink. she probably pitched her thoughts and what she wanted it to taste like and starbucks...

...took it into their own hands. im betting that the only way to get the "cloud" foam to be so light and fluffy was to add egg whites. im sure they tried other ways and it failed/wasnt as good. ariana isnt betraying her values by having egg whites in the drink. calm tf down.

Another person said "limited options" are unfortunately just part of being vegan.

if ur not vegan don’t complain ab ariana’s drink. if u are, unfortunately limited options are a constant. i was vegan, now vegetarian. i had to add dairy products to my diet for health reasons but i still love animals.

And some pointed out that it's unclear whether Ariana even considers herself vegan anymore, since she hasn't spoken about it publicly in a while.

Why are people getting mad at Ariana for having her name behind a not vegan Starbucks drink.....she hasn’t said she’s vegan in years she might not even be anymore lol. Also who cares she can’t control the world.

why are people so obsessed with ariana either being vegan or not? people change, susan.

A representative for Ariana Grande has been contacted for comment.