OK, Apparently Ariana Grande Isn't Dating Mikey Foster After All

    I guess he really isn't her boyfriend after all.

    You may be aware that on Wednesday, Frankie Grande confirmed to Us Weekly that his sister Ariana is in a relationship with Social House's Mikey Foster.

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    Rumours that the two were dating began to swirl last month after they released their collaboration, "Boyfriend".

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    According to reports from People and Us Weekly, the pair's friendship had taken a romantic turn, and they were seen holding hands while out for dinner with Ariana's mom.

    Then this week, Frankie told Us Weekly that he and his boyfriend recently went on a "really fun" double date with Ariana and Mikey, and called Ariana's rumoured boyfriend "really sweet, kind, and caring".

    But it turns out it's not that simple after all, because on Thursday — in a now-deleted tweet — Frankie said Ariana is "not in a relationship" and is, in fact, "very much single".

    He also gave a further statement to Us Weekly, saying Ariana and Mikey are "not in an official relationship".

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    He said: "I referred to it as a double date when we had plans with them, without realising what the term insinuated about THEIR relationship outside of my own."

    So, I guess Mikey really ain't Ariana's boyfriend after all.

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