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Ariana Grande Had The Best Response To TMZ Dragging Her Japanese BBQ Tattoo

"Guess Japanese isn't the only language that's tough to master."

If you haven't been keeping up with the saga of Ariana Grande and the accidental Japanese BBQ tattoo over the last few days, please allow me to catch you up.

A couple of days ago, Ariana unveiled a brand new tattoo on Instagram which supposedly read "7 Rings" — the title of her new song — in Japanese Kanji.

To be fair, she's had a pretty good sense of humour about the whole situation. Captioning the photo of the new tattoo, Ariana wrote: "rip tiny charcoal grill. miss u man. i actually really liked u."

The jokes only continued when, yesterday, TMZ tweeted a story about Ariana being sued for allegedly plagiarising some of the imagery in her "God Is A Woman" video.

Ariane Grande Sued Over 'God Is a Woman' Music Video

Ariana replied to the tweet, but instead of focusing on the allegations, she just wanted to know who Ariane Grande is.

And that's when TMZ hit her with the Japanese BBQ finger shade.

But Ariana wasn't mad about it. In fact, she congratulated them on seeing the opportunity to make the joke.

@TMZ touché 🥺🖤 i’d shake ur hand rn if i could

And gave us her permission to giggle.

Ah, Japanese BBQ finger. Truly the gift that keeps on giving.