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21 Times "The IT Crowd" Made You Literally LOL

"I've fallen to the Communists." "Well, they do have some strong arguments."

1. When Moss accurately summed up what it's like to live in London.

2. When Roy gave this excellent piece of advice.

3. When Roy and Moss told Jen that this box was the internet.

4. When Douglas told Moss to fix his pants.

5. And when he told Jen he'd been expecting her.

6. And when he found a gun in his desk drawer.

7. When Moss pointed out the two most important things in his life.

8. When Roy didn't know what to say to people at funerals.

9. When Moss didn't really ~get~ what Jen was hinting at.

10. When Moss, Roy, and Richmond went for a dinner party at Jen's house.

11. When Moss tried to operate a bomb-disposal robot.

12. And when he took it upon himself to confide in Douglas.

13. When Jen went on a date with Michael the Magnificent.

14. When Moss came here to drink milk and kick ass.

15. And when he ate the breakfast of champions.

16. When Jen found out what was behind the red door.

17. Actually, basically any time Richmond was on screen, tbh.

18. When Moss was actually really quite badass.

19. And when he was incredibly unimpressed by a game of football.

20. When this girl told Moss she liked his glasses.

21. And, finally, when Roy accurately summed up all people with just one sentence.

Happy 10th anniversary, The IT Crowd!