Emma Watson Just Perfectly Called Out Sexism In The Film Industry

    "I have been directed 17 times by men and only twice by women."

    It's no secret that actress and all-round wonderful woman Emma Watson is a firm believer in the power of feminism.

    In September last year, she made an incredibly powerful speech as UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, calling for more men to stand up for gender equality.

    And since then has been incredibly outspoken regarding her views on feminism and the patriarchy.

    But now she's done it again. In an interview with The Guardian, Emma calls out the issue of sexism in the film industry:

    I have experienced sexism in that I have been directed by male directors 17 times and only twice by women. Of the producers I've worked with, 13 have been male, and only one has been a woman ... The men at the top often find it difficult to relate to a lot of the problems women face and therefore we aren't taken very seriously.

    Keep slaying, Queen Emma. 🙌🏻👑