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What's The Best Movie To Watch With Your BFFs?

Maybe you enjoy a girly night in with a rom-com, or a scare fest with some horror.

We all know and love the joy that is hanging out at home with your best friends, ordering pizza, and probably getting through a bottle or two of wine.

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And everyone knows one of the most important parts of any cosy night in is watching a whole bunch of movies.

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But deciding on which movie to watch can be hard. So we want you to tell us what your favourite movie is to watch with your BFFs. Maybe it's a classic about the joys of friendship...

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Or maybe you prefer watching horror movies together, so you don't have to get scared when you're alone.

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Whatever it is, let us know your favourite movie to watch with your BFFs and why using the dropbox below, and your submission could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post or video!