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    35 Times Taylor Swift Proved She'll Never Go Out Of Style

    She's got that red lip classic thing that we like.

    1. When she donned red accessories to go shopping with Lorde:

    2. When she wore the perfect oversized coat:

    3. When her hipster hat game was strong:

    4. When she rocked all-black everything:

    5. When she did the preppy look SO right:


    (Hi Meredith.)

    6. When she went to see a play on Broadway and stole the show:

    7. When she strutted her stuff with supermodel BFF Karlie Kloss:

    8. When she wore this simple printed minidress:

    9. When she went for all neutrals:

    10. When she matched her lipstick to her Louboutins:

    11. When she wore this classic stripes and denim combo:

    12. When she wore florals to buy flowers:

    13. When she looked fab while shading the paparazzi:

    14. When she looked like an actual princess in pale pink:

    15. When she perfected the t-shirt/mini skirt combo:

    16. When she wore this fabulous shirt dress:

    17. When she flawlessly pulled off this floral midi dress:

    18. When she wore perfectly matched yellow accessories:

    19. When she wore this to the airport:

    20. When she outshone the sun in this yellow dress:

    21. When she showed the world how to work a two-piece:

    22. When she looked perfect in pastels:

    23. When she knew how to rock a romper:

    24. When she wore this floaty floral dress:

    25. When she was actual real life Princess Peach:

    26. When she rocked some hot pink heels:

    27. When she showed the world how to rock a two-piece AGAIN:

    28. When she wore this amazing sheer dress:

    29. When she wore matching green accessories:

    30. When she accessorised with knee-high socks and Olivia Benson:

    31. When she and Karlie wore matching plaid:

    32. When her coat game was on point:

    33. When she rocked the perfect button-up miniskirt:

    34. When she added a pop of primary colour to her outfit:

    35. And when she showed that high waisted shorts look amazing, no matter what some people might think:

    Teach us your ways, Taylor!

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