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    29 Times The "13 Reasons Why" Cast Were IRL Friendship Goals

    The cast that Instagrams together stays together.

    1. When they had the most lit-looking wrap party of all time.

    2. When they made it clear that, although things on the show may not have been wholesome and pure, their friendship on set definitely was.

    3. When they all got together to support Dylan (Clay) at a showing of his movie, Don't Breathe.

    4. When they spent Halloween together, and all looked seriously incredible.

    5. When Alisha (Jessica) and Michele (Courtney) posed together for the perfect photo.

    6. When Alisha and Ajiona (Sheri) relaxed between takes, and looked completely flawless doing it.

    7. When Devin (Tyler), Dylan, Alisha, and Ross (Zach) all went to a baseball game together.

    8. When they all sat in a perfect row at that baseball game.

    9. When Brandon (Justin) and Alisha posed in the middle of the street because they saw their show on a billboard.

    10. When Brandon and Miles (Alex) kissed this butt.

    11. When Brandon, Dylan, Miles, and Ross all hung out and looked perfect at sunset.

    12. When Ajiona, Brandon, Steven (Marcus), and Miles piled into the back seat of a car for an impromptu photo sesh.

    13. When Devin, Katherine (Hannah), and Justin (Bryce) hung out with KJ Apa – aka Archie from Riverdale – and Netflix worlds collided.

    14. When Devin and Dylan wore matching outfits on set, because the cast that match together stay together.

    15. When Tommy (Ryan) and Devin posed for the perfect prom photo.

    16. When Ross was napping on set, so Michele did what any good friend would do and took a photo with him.

    17. When some of the gang (and Devin's little brother!) hung out with their boss and executive producer of the show, Selena Gomez.

    18. When almost all the gang got together for the perfect group shot.

    19. ...More than once.

    20. When they all got together to play wholesome card games and eat snacks.

    21. When Christian (Tony) and Alisha posed for this tourist picture while they were promoting the show in San Francisco.

    22. When they went for a casual dinner with Selena Gomez (again) and made you wish you could be part of their squad.

    23. When Tommy, Christian, and Alisha posed for this flawless photo on Halloween.

    24. When they proved that they're all still perfect in Polaroid.

    25. When they went on one of many nights out, and Courtney was ~just one of the boys~.

    26. When Steven and Courtney went sight seeing in San Fran, and made you wish you could be there too.

    27. When Brandon, Alisha, Ross, and Miles posed for this photo, and all looked completely flawless.

    28. And when they all got together to celebrate the show's premiere, and proved they all look πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ in formal wear.

    29. πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–