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    24 Times April And Andy Were The Cutest Couple On "Parks And Rec"

    Bert Macklin and Janet Snakehole forever. <3

    1. When April was only nice to Andy, even before they started dating:

    2. When Andy expressed his feelings for April:

    3. When they started dating, and Andy wanted to treat April like a queen:

    4. When they got married, and April said this:

    5. And Andy said this:

    6. When they shared clothes:

    7. And gum:

    8. Lots of gum:

    9. When Andy paid attention to April's interests:

    10. When April was proud of Andy's accomplishments:

    11. When they made for the cutest Parks and Rec Summer Catalog cover ever:

    12. When Andy did something gross:

    13. And April totally loved it:

    14. When they drove thirty hours to the Grand Canyon just because:

    15. When April refused to stand in the way of Andy's dreams:

    16. And Andy refused to let her go:

    17. When they laughed together:

    18. When they balanced each other out perfectly:

    19. When Janet Snakehole was the perfect companion for Bert Macklin:

    20. When Andy proposed in the most romantic way possible:

    21. When they brought out each other's smart sides:

    22. When April encouraged Andy to pursue his dreams:

    23. And when they decided to get divorced:

    24. Just so they could get married again:

    April and Andy: relationship goals.