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21 Times Spencer Reid From "Criminal Minds" Stole Your Heart

Apparently boyband hair and a genius IQ are the perfect combination.

1. When he looked up and peered straight into your soul:

2. When you literally couldn't say "yes" fast enough:

3. When he managed to look insanely smart and insanely hot SIMULTANEOUSLY:

4. When he perfected the "just rolled out of bed" look:

5. Whenever he got a new haircut:

6. When he demonstrated his excellent taste:

7. When he did a card trick, and for some reason it was adorable:

8. When you just wanted to give him a hug:

9. When he brought Garcia a croissant out of the kindness of his heart:

10. When his sad face made you melt into a puddle:

11. When you were all, "OMG, that could be me!":

12. When he got all assertive:

13. When he definitely won his cycle of America's Next Top Profiler:

14. When he pulled a funny face and still looked good:

15. When he held A BABY:

16. And then that baby dressed up as him for Halloween:

17. All the times he was casually super intelligent:

18. When you had never wanted to be Hotch so badly:

19. Every time his hair hung next to his angelic face:

20. When he was super nerdy, and it was super cute:

21. And when he stared into the depths of your soul: