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21 Reasons "A Cinderella Story" Was A Masterpiece Of The Mid '00s

It doesn't get more '00s than a movie about AIM and a flip phone.

1. Because it stars Hilary Duff, aka the Queen of Teen.

2. And her love interest was Chad Michael Murray at the peak of his One Tree Hill fame.

3. Plus, it featured Jennifer Coolidge, like any notable '00s movie should.

4. Because everyone felt like this in high school:

5. Because it contained amazing comeback lines that you wish you came up with yourself.

Warner Bros.

6. Because Sam's choker necklace was so ~on trend~.

7. And you knew this baseball cap she always wore was so stylish.

8. Because apparently 2004 was a great year for iconic mean girls.

Warner Bros.

9. Not to mention kissing in the rain.

Warner Bros.

It wasn't just The Notebook.

10. Because of pop culture references like this:

11. Because these outfits were actually believable:

12. Because even though it was released 11 years ago, its themes are still relevant today.

Warner Bros.

Also because "J-Lo".

13. Because lines like this spoke directly to your black emo heart:

14. Not to mention Austin's "poetry":

15. And it just confirmed what you had already learned from high school.

16. Because the soundtrack included '00s classics from Jimmy Eat World, Jesse McCartney, and The Goo Goo Dolls

17. Because AIM was a major plot device.

18. And all you wanted in life was a blue flip phone with stars on it.

19. Because everyone wanted to be Sam in this dress:

20. Because this quote was nothing less than #iconic:

21. And because it included literally the most '00s movie line of all time.

Warner Bros.