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21 "Harry Potter" Bookmarks You Won't Be Able To Resist

I solemnly swear that I will not fold down page corners.

1. The Boy Who Marked Pages:

2. This adorable Hermione, to inspire you to keep reading:

3. Maybe Ron is more your man:

4. Or a tiny grumpy Snape for boring school textbooks:

5. Why not go for a full set?:

6. There's this beautiful Golden Snitch:

7. This silhouetted Trio:

8. This half-bookmark, half-motivational poster:

9. This customisable quill:

10. These charms to rep your favourite character:

11. This beautifully customisable metal bookmark:

12. These characters for the proud Slytherin:

13. This bookmark for the Quidditch-phile:

14. These ribbon bookmarks to show off your house pride:

15. This perfect Snape reference:

16. These amazing bookmark/pocket watch/Snitch hybrids:

17. This charm bookmark for proud Gryffindors:

18. These hand-stitched house quotes:

19. These adorable bookmarks featuring the trio and their pets:

20. This charm bookmark for proud Hogwartians:

21. This awesome Time-Turner ribbon bookmark: