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    Here's The Full Trailer For "13 Reasons Why" Season 2

    The second season will premiere on Netflix on May 18.

    Ever since 13 Reasons Why first aired on Netflix in March last year and left us with more questions than it answered, fans have eagerly awaited its second season.

    Just last week, Netflix dropped a super short and mysterious teaser trailer along with the information that the new season will premiere on May 18.

    Now Netflix has released the first full trailer for season two, and it looks like the show is as dark as ever.

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    In the new trailer, it looks like Clay and the rest of the students at Liberty High are still reeling from the events of last season – when Clay finds a Polaroid in his locker which contains a mysterious message.

    Some of the students are taken to trial, seemingly as a result of the incidents surrounding Hannah's death last season.

    Jessica is still dealing with the aftermath of her assault – and it appears that someone's trying to silence her.

    And she's not the only one receiving threatening messages.

    But it seems like Bryce and the rest of his creepy jock friends may finally get their comeuppance.

    Meanwhile, Clay is seeing visions of Hannah.

    All while Hannah's mom is still fighting for justice after her death.

    I still have a LOT of questions though. Like, what happened to Alex after last season's finale? And what's going on with Tyler? Plus, why is Clay learning how to shoot a gun?

    I guess we'll have to wait til May 18 to find out.