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    35 Ways You Know You Are From Philly

    Yea, our number one tourist attraction has a giant crack in it. What are you going do about it?

    1. You have no trouble naming America's oldest brewery

    2. "Egypt on the waterfront," has a completely different geographical meaning

    3. You believe this is appropriate New Years Day attire

    4. You can spell Schuylkill, Manayunk, and Conshohocken without hesitation

    5. You miss this guy

    6. And this guy

    7. You recognize the brilliance of Wawa

    8. You trust only one man concerning the weather

    9. You consider the soft pretzel a delicacy

    10. You're proud to say these guys are from Philly

    11. Them too

    12. Your grammer is constantly corrected because you say, "down the shore."

    13. Late night cheesesteaks elicit this reaction

    14. You know SEPTA is a form of transportation and not a venereal disease

    15. You've endured the King of Prussia Mall crowds

    16. Your radio is always tuned to Power 99 FM

    17. When you have to go to the Philly airport you feel like this

    18. You know all about the Herr's chips

    19. This trio ruined your Sunday on multiple occasions

    20. You suffer from a slight inferiority complex since you're stuck between NYC and DC

    21. You always thought the Vet had charm

    22. Your first summer music festival was the Y100 Fez-tival

    23. You couldn't be more tired of the Fresh Prince theme song

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    24. This is the only acceptable form of bullying

    25. You've ditched school or work to attend Wing Bowl

    26. You're sure Steven Starr is a culinary wizard

    27. You're aware people believe the Main Line is like this.

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    28. But know that it's really more like this

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    29. You're given strange looks when you ask for "wooder ice"

    30. When throwing a party you make sure to have time to go to BOTH the state liquor store and beer distributor

    31. You include Tastykakes as part of a well balanced breakfast

    32. This voice has lead to equal amounts of joy and frustration

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    We love you Merrill

    33. You always rooted for him to succeed in the NBA

    34. You never rooted for him to succeed in the NBA

    35. You know who really ended the Cold War

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