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    Posted on Sep 16, 2013

    23 Things You Might Not Know About Point Break

    There is no way Bells is bigger than Waimea brah.


    Point Break was directed by Academy Award winning director (The Hurt Locker) Kathryn Bigelow and was produced by her then husband James Cameron..........


    Which is funny because Point Break is loosely based on the Ken Nunn novel “Tapping the Source” a film Vince from Entourage turned down in order to do Aquaman with director James Cameron.


    The kid who sells Johnny Utah his surfboard looks eerily similar to a young Kristen Stewart from Panic Room.


    The Point Break time line is incredibly accurate with the exception being Johnny Utah and the Ohio State Buckeyes actually lost to USC in the 1984 Rose Bowl. Utah would have played with NFL All-Pro Chris Spielman and NFL Hall of Famer Chris Carter.


    View this video on YouTube

    The actor who played Bohdi’s brother Grommet/LBJ also played Brian Austin Green’s drug dealer in 90210


    John Philbin, who played Nathaniel/Jimmy Carter, was an accomplished surfer before the film and he actually taught Kate Bosworth how to surf for her role in Blue Crush. (via Wikipedia)


    Matthew Broderick and Val Kilmer were both offered the role of Johnny Utah before Keanu accepted the role. THANK GOD they said no. (via IMDB)


    Latigo Beach, where Bohdi and the ex-presidents liked to surf is located in Malibu.


    Point Break was the second movie Swayze and Reeves did together, the first was the hockey film Youngblood with Rob Lowe.


    None of the filming of Point Break took place in Australia, but they did film in Oregon and Hawaii.


    It is sad that traveling to Australia wasn't in the budget because Bells Beach Australia (the site of the 50 year storm) was actually listed as the world’s first surfing recreation reserve.


    According to the Point Break timeline the previous 50 Year Storm happened in 1939 the same year WWII began.


    The Fast & The Furious plot is ridiculously similar to Point Break's.


    Red Hot Chilli Peppers lead singer Anthony Kiedis makes an appearance in the movie as part of War Child's gang. Tom Sizemore also has a cameo as DEA Agent Deets.


    Point Break was Kathryn Bigelow's highest grossing film until 2012's Zero Dark Thirty.


    View this video on YouTube

    Reeves and Swayze gave the above interview to promote Point Break. Keanu took the time bash other 1991 films Robin Hood and Backdraft.


    Production served Swayze with a cease and desist letter after jumping out of a plane over 30 times during filming. Like a bad ass Swayze obeyed the letter till the film moved to Hawaii to shoot more scenes. (via E! interview with Keanu)


    Swayze was so nuts about skydiving that he actually badgered Gary Busey until Busey gave in and agreed to go with him after filming. (via Moviefone interview with Busey)


    Keanu, who had never surfed before the movie, enjoyed it so much he still surfs today.


    Bigelow and Cameron, married at the time, had a show down at the box office with Bigelow's Point Break and Cameron's T2 Judgement Day being released within weeks of one another. Cameron won the head to head match at the box office in 1991 and the couple divorced shortly thereafter. However in 2009 the two squared off again at the Oscars for Best Picture. Obviously Bigelow won round two.


    Utah and Bohdi's relationship is the first modern day "bromance" on film. (via Encarta 95)


    While coming up short at the Academy Awards, Swayze and Reeves were both given MTV Movie Award nominations for "Most Desirable Male." Keanu took home the award.


    For unknown reasons the Ex-Presidents didn't honor Gerald Ford's presidency as they decided to go with the masks of Reagan, Carter, Nixon, and Johnson skipping over the late President Ford.

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