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  • Are Tiny Homes a Wise Investment

    It seems there are Tiny Homes popping up everywhere. Magazines, websites, and reality TV shows all praise the space-saving miniature houses that typically range between 180 and 400 square feet in size. Is it a practical lifestyle choice? Is it truly possible to live comfortably with another person in such a tiny space? Do people still enjoy living in tiny homes after the first year? How much do they cost? These are questions you need to ask before you consider purchasing a tiny home.

  • Why Your Business Should Be On Google Plus

    Social media marketing is fast-changing, and one channel might be hot today and in decline a few months later. Keeping up may seem like too much, but businesses that ignore Google Plus do so at their own peril. In addition to its usefulness as another social media tool, having a profile on Google Plus is good for a business’s SEO.

  • A New Kind of SEO: Local Citations

    Twenty years ago, or whenever most of us who are now adults were kids, we can remember our parents telling us to fetch the yellow pages so they could find a new mechanic, appliances repairman or even a local piano teacher. In those days, the phone book was the primary way businesses increased public awareness to recruit customers who either weren’t in the neighborhood or didn’t learn of them through word-of-mouth marketing.

  • The Importance of Using CRM in Your Business

    Every business, whether you make scented candles, specialize in data analysis or run a charitable organization, is rooted in commerce. Thus, if a business is to achieve success, one of the primary focuses must be on maintaining a positive relationship with clients.

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