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    • eldond

      You’re column is nothing but a collection of relabelling, false comparisons, innuendo, weasel words, and outright falsehoods. The NRA’s mailing lists are trivial compared to others, particular businesses and political parties. I find it interesting that the NRA’s mailing list is not compared to the gun control lobby’s efforts, probably for good reason. The NRA reports close to 6,000,000 not 3,000,000 members, all who willingly gave their names and addresses – so that considering that members come and go, a ten million name mailing list is trivial. Somehow, your headlines turn 10 million into tens of millions. A mailing list, either for members or political contributors is not a registry like gun registration is. The comparison is ludicrous. Nor is it a data mining operation comparable to Obama’s use of the social medial essentially to spy on the potentially manipulable and naive young people. I have been an NRA instructor for decades and have never reported a student’s name to the NRA, partly because there is no official way to do so. I certainly would not violate a student’s privacy by sending their addresses or anything about their personal characteristics or property to anyone. The NRA has successfully opposed making gun registration or gun licensing lists public information. So, how, having successfully sued those jurisdictions which made such records public, does the NRA now get them? It can not, of course. The NRA’s political campaign methods are no secret. The NRA lobbyists have shared them frequently, not just with allied groups, but in public seminars and on public television. They are based on grass roots involvement and the person-to-person communications of individual gun owners and club members. They don’t depend on the kind of tactics Obama and the Democrats have used to obtain personal preference information. They don’t need to. NRA members and club members can be assumed to be interested in the sporting use of firearms, and all civil rights. No need to confirm that using social media or government registration lists. This is all a just a distraction from the issue of gun control. It represents an inability to debate the substantive issues and that the main appeal of gun control is emotional, indeed a carefully cultivated hatred of the NRA and the feeling expressed by some of those who comment that those who support the NRA are hypocritical fools for disagreeing with gun control. In fact, the only purpose of your hack job is to reinforce stereotypes and delusions of perfection.

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