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Don't Be That Person On Instagram

If you are doing these things on Instagram you just need to stop..please

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Without any doubt Instagram became most popular social networking site in the World.

Let's be honest,you can see really cool and very interesting photos but mostly you'll see these kind of people :

#1 Sloppy Bar Pictures

It's Friday night,you had a lot of drinks and you randomly decide to start taking selfies with your friends...Aside from not being the classiest kind of picture you can post, your photography skills aren't really at their peak when you are intoxicated.

#2 Mirror pics

I have no interest in seeing your selfies, let alone your selfies in the reflection of a mirror, with a toilet behind you.

#3 Million selfies

If we need to know what you look like we can click on your profile picture. If you need to know what you look like you can look in a mirror.

#4 Fitness freak

OK ! I understand,you love to work out... *keeps scrolling while eating popcorn

#5 Using too many hashtags

#What #Is #The #Point?

#6 Food photos

I have no interest in seeing your food unless you are offering me a bite.

#7 Car selfies

Don't let your narcissism put you in danger.

#8 Obsessed Couple

It's okay to be in love. It's great, even. But perhaps you and your partner can save the cute photos for a time where I am not so fragile in my own singledom.

#9 Screenshots of Conversations

The only time screenshots should be shared is in group chats, so your friends can laugh at them with you. Instagram is for artsy pictures!

#10 People who comment but don't like the photo

It is just inconsiderate. Not that I care about how many likes I get or anything......

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