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Don't Call Yourself A Horror Fan If You're Not Watching SyFy's "Channel Zero"


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October is upon us, and that means it's time for all things scary. For horror fans like myself, that means watching anything and everything to get the blood pumping. Let me bring y'all to church, because if you're not watching the SyFy Original series Channel Zero, you need to get right in your life.

This show, which is currently in season two, is a SyFy Original series that takes it's stories based on different Creepypastas. If you're not familiar with Creepypastas, they are stories that circulate around the internet with the sole purpose of terrifying the reader. If you're brave enough, you can read some Creepypastas here.

Season one of Channel Zero was based on the Creepypasta, Candle Cove. Without giving away any spoilers, it's a creepy-as-hell story about an old children's TV program that basically brainwashes kids into doing terrible things. Also, there's a child made out of teeth. TOOTH.CHILD.

Season two, No-End House, only has two episodes left and this season has been a DOOZY so far. The main idea is there's a haunted house that appears in random places at random times and it draws people in. Once you go in the house, you have to try to make it through every room and each room is scarier than the one before. "Spoiler" Alert: The rooms are all scary AF.

Each season is only 6 episodes long and has new characters/stories each season. So it's the perfect binge show, and you have plenty of time to get caught up on season two before the final two episodes. Then you can go back and watch season one, which is on Amazon Prime Video.

So, get to watching. You'll thank me later. And then you'll curse me when you have to sleep with the lights on and have nightmares for a week. Happy Bingeing! And beware the cannibals.

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