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17 Stories From Around The World That Prove Not All Of 2017 Was Terrible

Because we need some good memories of 2017 before bidding it farewell.

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1. Women Made Shit Happen

New York Times / Via

Kicked off the year with an iconic Women's March to protest Trump; Men in high power positions everywhere are getting called out for their sexual harassment; and the first successful birth by a uterus transplant are just a few amazing things that happened because of women this year. Yass queens!

3. Houston Stared Down Hurricane Harvey and Proved Good People Still Exist

ABC News / Via

Not only Houstonians, but other Texans, Americans, and people around the world showed that everyone is #HoustonStrong and worked together to help one another. (And their baseball team, the Houston Astros, went on to win the World Series which is pretty badass.)

7. Meghan Markel is Making Every American Girls Dream Come True and Marrying into the Royal Family

NY Times / Via

SHE GETS TO BE A REAL PRINCESS! (Not really, just kidding..but we're still really pumped for another Royal Wedding!)

8. TIME Magazine Named "The Silence Breakers" as the 2017 Person of the Year

TIME Magazine / Via

Years of harassment have been plaguing industries from Hollywood to music and everything in between, and the warriors known as the Silence Breakers have been given their voice and were named TIME Magazine's Person of the Year.

9. For the First Time Ever, All the Grammy Nominated Lead Artists for Record of the Year are People of Color

Slate / Via

This is the first time in the history of the Grammy's that people of color have owned a whole category, and people of color dominate every other category too.

10. There Were Some Exciting Celebrity Pregnancy Announcements

US Weekly / Via

Don't even get me started on the Kardashian baby mamas drama (living for it) but Luna Legend gets to be a big sis and there's another royal baby on the way for Kate! Basically, can't wait for these babes to arrive in 2018.

12. The First Openly Transgender African-American Woman was Elected to Public Office

Washington Post

Andrea Jenkins was elected to the Minneapolis City Council, making her the first openly transgender woman elected into a U.S. Public Office.

14. Obama Wished Biden a Happy Birthday via an Adorable Meme

Harper's Bazaar

As if we couldn't love them and heart their JoeBama bromance even more, Obama wished his former VP (and forever BFF) a Happy Birthday with a homemade meme.

15. Mikayla Holmgren Became the First Contestant with Down Syndrome to Compete in the Miss Minnesota Pageant


Mikayla is beautiful on the outside and inside and got to strut her stuff as the first contestant with Down Syndrome to compete in the Miss Minnesota pageant.

16. Las Vegas Residents Proved They're #VegasStrong and Took Care of Each Other Following Horrific Event


Vegas was hit hard but hit back harder by turing their grief into giving back when many residents stood in lines for hours to donate blood to shooting victims.

17. A Vending Machine to Provide Basic Necessities for Homeless People was Launched in the U.K.


Provided by the charity, Action Hunger, vending machines providing basic necessities (such as water, food, clothes, books, etc.) will be available throughout the day for no charge.

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