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Tragedies That Would Have Ended Differently With Modern Technology

If they had just had Foursquare, none of this would have happened.

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...and word processors

Even the worst-timed frozen screen is better than leaving your life's-work hard copy manuscript in a brothel. The frozen screen probably won't inspire both you and your ex-lover to commit suicide.

...and Facebook

Might have been helpful to check out the photos from the "Last Year's Costume Party" album. That way, you probably wouldn't show up to a party wearing the same outfit as your husband's dead wife.

... and the boat engine.

No winds? No sacrifice? No problem! Just rev the engine and you'll be across the Peloponnese in no time!

With motorized boats, Orestes would not have killed Clytemnestra for killing Agammemnon for killing Iphigenia for winds. There could have been a lot more people at Thanksgiving.

...and pearl farming

Kino never had the opportunity to discover what Henry Plant realized after selling his Fifth Avenue mansion to Cartier for a string of pearls - they're worth a lot less when they can just be manufactured. Definitely not worth tearing your family and your hometown apart for only one.

Of course, technology could also have had an adverse effect on some tales.

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