9 Unrealistic Expectations You Had After Watching "The Parent Trap"

Thanks a lot, Disney.

1. Your long-lost twin is somewhere out there, waiting for you.

They’re the only person out there who understands how you and your hair behave.

2. Everyone is super wealthy and lives in a beautiful mansion.


While dabbling in something tasteful, like wine or wedding gowns.

3. Brits may have class, but Americans are cool.

We never let go, Jack!

4. At camp you can stay in a private bunk with no supervision

Yeah right. This place would have been shut down faster than you could say LiLo.

5. Letting an 11-year-old pierce your ears is an acceptable life decision.


6. There are no repercussions if you steal someone’s identity.

Just wear matching outfits, you will be fine.

7. You should be charmed, rather than terrified, to find your ex-husband has broken into your apartment.

Although if he looks like Dennis Quaid…

8. It’s only a matter of time before your divorced parents get back together.

Collective sigh from divorced parents worldwide.

9. And finally, that these girls:

Wouldn’t turn into these:

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