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14 Of The Most Memorable Fights On Reality TV (With Bonus Footage)

Let's face it, we've grown up watching reality TV shows our entire life... Now it's time to think back on the funniest and craziest fights in the past decade! How's that for nostalgia!

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1. College Hill: Virgin Islands

College Hill / Via

College Hill reminds us of the times before security broke up fights & you had to rely on your castmates.

College HIll aired on BET and lasted for 7 seasons (between 2004 and 2009).

2. Mob Wives

Mob Wives / Via

Let's be real... Drita is always throwin' hands! Doesn't matter which season, she's always ready!

Mob Wives lasted for 6 seasons (2011-2016)

3. Dance Moms

Dance Moms / Via

Abby was a terror, and I'm pretty sure the audience was looking forward to this day!

Dance Moms is still on TV with season 7. It first aired in 2011.

4. Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore / Via

Yep, Ronnie gave Mike a beat down. #unforgettable

Jersey Shore ran for 6 seasons between 2009 – 2012.

5. Bad Girls Club

Bad Girls Club / Via

When you think of reality tv fights, you automatically think of BGC! This was between Priscilla and Judi but no worries, there's plenty of fights in every season.

Bad Girls Club started in 2007 and is currently on its 16th season

6. Bad Girls Club

Bad Girls Club / Via

Had to throw another historic fight from Bad Girls Club .... for the culture of course!

This fight is between Flo and Amber in season 4.

7. Real Housewives of Atlanta

RHOA / Via

Kenya is Public Enemy #1 and Porsha was fed up! #ItGetCrazyInReuinions

Real Housewives of Atlanta started in 2008 and is coming back with season 9 in November of 2016!

8. The Real Housewives of New Jersey


Things got pretty heated between Teresa Giudice and Danielle Staub in this episode.

Real Housewives of New Jersey started in 2009 and is currently going on its 7th season

9. Love and Hip Hop NY

Love and Hip Hop NY / Via

Chrissy is the true definition of a ride or die bestie. She beat Kimbella up for mentioning that she messed with someone's man.

Love and Hip Hop has been on the air since 2011 and is running on its 14th season (in different areas: NY, Hollywood, ATL).

10. The Real World: Portland

The Real World / Via

Nia "hurricane" Moore was always ready to use her hands... didn't matter the gender.

The Real World may be one of the longest running reality tv shows. It started in 1992 and is still going strong.

11. The Real World: Portland

The Real World / Via

No seriously, didn't matter the gender... Nia swung on guys too!

12. Little Women of LA

Little Women of LA / Via

Todd gets into a fight and Erik intervenes. They may be little but... they get it in just as anyone else!

Little Women of LA started in 2014 and is on its 5th season.

13. Basketball Wives LA

Basketball Wives / Via

What's a cat fight without drinks being thrown? Evelyn was always in the middle of drama and the audience was always entertained!

Basketball Wives first aired in started in 2011 and is still running (season 5)

14. Flavor of Love Season 1

Flavor of Love / Via

Saving the best for last.. This square off was between the infamous New York (Tiffany Pollard) and Pumpkin. Just a reminder.... You might not want to EVER spit on anyone!

Flavor of Love lasted for 3 seasons (2006-2008)

15. Loiter Squad (scripted parody)

Loiter Squad / Via

People Noticed the trends and began making parodies of reality tv. Here is Tyler The Creator on Loiter Squad reenacting a normal reality tv scene.

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