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How "Lizzie Grossman" Are You?

Are you Lizzie Grossman or are you an imposter? Take this quiz to find out!

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  1. Check all that apply:

    You wear makeup everyday
    You like trying new makeup looks
    You wear preppy outfits
    And your outfits have to match
    You feel naked without jewelry
    Or maybe an infinity scarf
    In fact, the most important question you ask yourself daily is "what am I going to wear?"
    Your favorite Starbucks drink is a Strawberries and Cream Frappucino
    But you'd never order a Pumpkin Spice Latte
    Even though you like pumpkin spice
    Because you hate coffee
    You do gymnastics
    Actually, one of your favorite pastimes is sitting with your leg above your head
    Probably while you watch a chick-flick
    Like Mean Girls
    Or the Parent Trap
    You also dance
    Pop Punk is your favorite type of music
    Like Avril Lavigne
    Or Sum 41
    But you also loooooovvvvveeeee Shania Twain
    And you also love the song Landslide
    You freak out over cute things
    Especially your dog
    And babies
    Like your cousin Georgia
    You probably write for a newspaper
    In fact, you're probably an editor
    You're studying abroad in Denmark
    To study Psych
    Cause you like analyzing people
    Actually, you really like people
    You're super friendly with everyone you meet
    And most people become your best friends after meeting them once
    Or maybe twice
    You had the best roommate to ever exist
    Even if she doesn't feel the same about you ;)
    But in reality, you're pretty cool sometimes
    Just not alllllll the time
    Also you're basic
    Super basic

How "Lizzie Grossman" Are You?

You're probably super inflexible, hate pop punk, and have never worn an ounce of make-up in your life.

Not Lizzie!
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You might want to be Lizzie, but you're not the real thing. Take some gymnastics lessons, start wearing makeup, and then we'll talk.

Lizzie Wannabe
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You probably spend a lot of time with Lizzie and are really similar to her. If you don't already, you should get to know her, you'd probably be great friends!

Lizzie's Twin
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You're not just like Lizzie, you probably are Lizzie! You're pretty weird, love being social, and wouldn't be caught dead without a cute outfit.

Lizzie Grossman
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