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    14 Reasons Beronica Is The True OTP Of "Riverdale"

    Warning: Spoilers ahead.

    Riverdale, a new drama on The CW based off the Archie comics, focuses on high school students Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper, Jughead Jones, and Veronica Lodge.

    In most iterations of this story, Betty and Veronica compete for Archie's affections.

    While this version certainly toys with the love triangle in the first couple of episodes, Betty and Veronica seem to be more into each other...

    ...than into Archie.

    1. For starters, Betty super-excitedly gives Veronica a tour of Riverdale High School immediately after meeting her.

    2. Veronica convinces Betty to try out for the River Vixens with her.

    3. After Cheryl said they lack "sizzle," Veronica has one solution and one solution only: kiss Betty.

    4. Veronica messes up and decides to give Betty flowers and Magnolia Bakery cupcakes to apologize.

    5. They scheme together.

    6. And Veronica knows no subtlety.

    7. They have deep hallway conversations.

    8. They admire each others' outfits.

    9. They're a matching set, according to Veronica.

    10. Betty's face when Veronica calls her "my girl."

    11. Veronica's face when Jughead puts his arm around Betty.

    12. Maybe it's true to the comics after all?!

    13. While the writers may try to convince us otherwise...

    14. ...Beronica is totally the endgame and we love it.

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