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    Sep. 23, 2015

    Snapchat Ran An Ad For Booze During Its Hajj Story

    Maybe not during Hajj, Snapchat.

    Today, Snapchat users watching the Hajj Story were surprised by an ad they saw.

    #snapchat fail: watching Hajj clips and an ad comes on for Jim Beam. What's up with that @Snapchat

    When an animated ad for Jim Beam® Apple appears in the middle of the Hajj @Snapchat story...

    Yikes. Hajj is one of Islam's most important times of the year. It's one of the five pillars of the religion. Maybe not the best time for a booze ad, Snapchat?

    Snapchat just advertised Jim Beam to me during their Hajj story.

    Ad for Jim Beam in the middle of @Snapchat's Hajj story. Seriously?

    Right now, millions of Muslims are on Hajj. This is more so the spirit of Hajj.

    Mosa'ab Elshamy / AP

    Muslims don't drink, so it seems like an odd time to run this ad. What's with that?

    #Hajj Story in Arafat on #Snapchat: 😃 ...Sponsored by #JimBeam Bourbon:😐 #EidMubarak

    Someone tell me why there was a Jim beam commercial in the Hajj snapchat story??

    Let us look back fondly and reflect, upon that time Snapchat curated a story from Mecca during Ramadan, and it was a beautiful time.

    Adweek/Snapchat / Via

    That story won Snapchat praise and made everyone so happy. Let's go back to that.

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