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    Sep. 29, 2015

    Breaking: Peter Mansbridge Is On Instagram And He’s Kinda Basic Like You

    You guys. He's just. Like. Us.

    It appears our The Chosen One, Peter Mansbridge, is now on Instagram. And he uses it just like you do.

    He takes pictures from planes that are predominately the wing.

    In the summer, he goes sailing just like your BFF's brother Chad.

    He stunts with Ringo Starr like all of us have.

    And he Instagrams pictures of his brunch, like you do.

    He thinks his dog is probably better than yours, so 💁🏼.

    And he's just figuring out how to do a solid #TBT.

    So welcome, Peter, to the world of Instagram. Hope to see more of you, especially in that #workflow.

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