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29 Adorable Big Dog And Little Dog Friendships

Size doesn't matter when you're the best of friends.

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1. This little dog who knows he always has someone to lean on, literally and figuratively.

2. This big dog who has a buddy to keep him company in the Cone of Shame.

3. These two who really know how to work together to get treats.

4. These friends who know teamwork is the key to finding treasure.

Creative Commons / Flickr: greaterfalls

5. And these little dogs who always heard of 'big dogs' but were AMAZED when they finally met a real one!

Creative Commons / Flickr: 78428166@N00

6. This little butt showing this big butt how things are done.

Creative Commons / Flickr: 88723904@N05

7. This pup who doesn't mind giving his friend a lift every once in a while.

8. These friends throwing the BIGGEST party for their biggest friend.

9. And these brothers from another mother.

Creative Commons / Flickr: christigain

10. This big dog who thinks it's funny to tease his little dog friends.

11. And this tiny guy that NEVER gets picked on, because he's got friends in high places.

12. This clique that ain't nobody fresher than.

13. These therapy friends who both have GIANT hearts.

14. These best friends snuggling up for a family portrait.

Creative Commons / Flickr: aukirk

15. And these opposite-sized pals taking their modeling skills to the streets.

Creative Commons / Flickr: ranieldiaz

16. This "big brother" who is actually the younger one.

Creative Commons / Flickr: vagawi

17. And these guys who are always ready to help each other out.

18. These two who know that sharing is caring.

19. This lil' guy who really looks up to his friends.

Creative Commons / Flickr: elsie

20. And this fluffball who sometimes forgets how much smaller his best friend is.

Creative Commons / Flickr: elsie

21. These buddies who are all tuckered out waiting for their human to come home.

22. And these two who don't mind waiting when they've got each other's company!

23. These pals who make sure that height is not an issue during 'Bark At Things Out The Window Time.'

24. These best friends who fill each other in on all the neighborhood doggie gossip.

25. These guys who know that big or small, standing on the counters is NOT allowed.

26. And this little guy who has no problem keeping up with the big boys!

27. This big dog who always lets his friend win at tug-o-war.

28. This lil' pooch who gives her friend a kiss when she can reach.

29. And last but not least, these two who know every day is an adventure when you've got your best friend around!

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