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    9 Struggles Of Being A K-Pop Fan When You're Not Korean

    "Somebody...please...SUB THIS VIDEO."

    1. Loving K-pop songs is one thing, knowing the lyrics is another...

    2. Plus, the fandom has introduced you to an entire new vocabulary that doesn't translate well into your non-K-pop life.

    3. Sometimes everyone's limited knowledge on the subject gets the best of you.

    4. And the delay on subs for new videos is a special sort of purgatory.

    5. Then there's the struggle of suddenly needing to know your blood type so you can assess compatibility with your fave idols.

    6. Your search history is shameful.

    7. And your friends never understand how you can get so much joy from simply seeing your favorite bands living their lives.

    8. You can't even THINK about how nearly impossible it is to see them perform live.

    9. But no matter how many times you wonder "WHY AM I LIKE THIS???", you wouldn't change it for the world.