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15 Tips For Having A Great Day

Our top cuties from the Cute or Not app really want you to have a good day, so they're sharing their own tips and tricks!

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1. Moka knows that a good day always starts off with SMILING.

Moka / Cute or Not

2. Snickers suggests spending a few moments in meditation before starting your day.

Snickers / Cute or Not

3. Miles says you should dress for success, and bow ties are ALWAYS the way to go.

Miles / Cute or Not

4. Penelope has one rule for good days: Always treat yo' self!

Penelope / Cute or Not

5. Angie suggests showing your loved ones how much you love them.

Angie / Cute or Not

6. While Carl thinks you should aim to learn at least one new thing a day.

Carl / Cute or Not

7. Days are always better when your best bud is around; at least that's what Charlie and Carlos think!

Charlie and Carlos / Cute or Not

8. Pudge believes in the mantra "Work hard, play hard."

Pudge / Cute or Not

9. Leo encourages you to appreciate the little things, like freshly mown grass.

Leo / Cute or Not

10. Ivan says a good meal is essential to a good day.

Ivan / Cute or Not

11. And Mel says to have a sense of humor, even when things are going wrong.

Mel / Cute or Not

12. Opie advises you stay in touch with your inner child.

Opie / Cute or Not

13. And Stuffe just says to ~accessorize~.

Stuffe / Cute or Not

14. Squeaky believes that any good day involves a good hug.

Squeaky / Cute or Not

15. And Yuna thinks you should always get a good night's rest!

Yuna / Cute or Not

Don’t have the Cute or Not app yet? No worries, you can download it here and get all the cuties your heart desires!

Legally Mandated Warning: If your personal life philosophy prevents you from enjoying things that are (a) Adorable, (b) Cute, ==(c)== Precious, (d) Huggable, or (e) All of the above, this app may not be for you.

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