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23 Tiny Animals With Even Tinier Objects

Miniature things are the cutest things.

1. This itty bitty cart for this baby bunny's baby carrots.

2. These teeny argyle socks for puppies.

3. The tiniest pub in the world, open for birdness.

4. This mini tent for guinea pigs on rainy days.

5. This fully kitten-sized office.

6. This itty bitty teddy bear for a rat.

7. This not-so-GRAND piano for bunnies.

8. This baby sofa for this baby kitten.

9. This miniature gourmet lunch for this very lucky hamster.

10. This small amusement park for parakeets.

11. This little version of a camping tent for lizards.

12. These mini sleeping bags for baby bats.

13. A lil' macbook for a cockatiel.

14. This tiny chef hat and kitchen utensils for this tortoise.

15. This Squirrel-size umbrella.

16. This very small Christmas tree meant for a mouse to decorate.

17. This tiny knitted hat for a baby chick.

Julie Persons / Twitter: @chicksinhats

18. This wee little dagger perfect for a chameleon.

19. This baby backpack for a baby bunny.

20. This little salmon sandwich for cats.

21. This tiny penguin wearing tiny socks.

22. An eenie weenie grocery store for a hedgehog.

23. And a minuscule bunkbed for kittens.