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    Aug 4, 2015

    These Zoo Animals Were Given A Camera And The Result Is Adorable

    It's adorable.

    In the new short film Human Zoo, filmmakers Wilkins & Maguire used Sony Action Cams to see things from the perspective of various zoo residents.

    Wilkins & Maguire / Via

    Of course there were lots of smiling humans to be seen...

    Wilkins & Maguire / Via

    ...and plenty of curious animal friends.

    Wilkins & Maguire / Via

    Some residents were very skeptical about the cameras...

    Wilkins & Maguire / Via

    "What is this bizarre human contraption?!"

    ...others were excited to have a new toy...

    Wilkins & Maguire / Via

    "This is a neat new addition to my percussion set."

    ...and others didn't really care, as long as they still got their snacks!

    Wilkins & Maguire / Via

    "Cameras are fine as long as I can NOM NOM NOM."

    Mr. Rhino couldn't quite keep his camera on. / Via Wilkins & Maguire

    "Oh hey, this is fun!"

    Wilkins & Maguire / Via

    "Um, OOPS. Just walk away and pretend like nothing happened, Stan."

    But Ms. Turtle was an absolute PRO.

    Wilkins & Maguire / Via

    "Camera harness ALL DAY, EVERY DAY."

    All in all, the project was an adorable success!

    Wilkins & Maguire / Via

    "Being a lemur is pretty chill, and I'm glad you get to see it my way."

    Watch the full video here for even more intense cuteness!

    View this video on YouTube

    The video was filmed at four locations: Cotswolds Wildlife Park,
    Paignton Zoo, Crocodiles of the World and Amazing Animals.

    Great work done by Stinkdigital, the production team behind this short film!

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