27 Perfect Gifts For Anyone Who Loves Whales

Moby’s picks, one could say.

Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

1. This delightful set of measuring cups.

Get them here.

2. This bracelet that supports whale conservation.

Get it from Cape Clasp! Fifteen percent of profits support the Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC).

3. And this classy ring to go with it.

Get it from Etsy.

4. These gallant galoshes.

Get them here!

5. And this majestic shelf.

SO GRACEFUL, SO COURAGEOUS. Get it from Pottery Barn.

6. This adorable phone case with a pocket for your headphones!

He’s so helpful! Get it from Amazon.

7. This precious tea diffuser.

What a pal. Get it from Walmart.

8. And these “Moby Picks.”

L O L. Get them here!

9. These beautiful temporary tattoos.

Get them here.

10. This little number for quaint strolls in the park.


Get it from Larmoni.

11. And this wonderful tank top.

Get it here.

12. This clever pot strainer.

Get it here.

13. These festive fridge magnets.

But like, they don’t HAVE to go on your fridge. They can go lots of places. Get them from ModCloth.

14. These lovely winter mittens.

Available from Vineyard Vines.

15. This Moby Dick-inspired shower curtain.

Get it from Urban Outfitters.

16. And this glorious duvet cover.

Get it from Target.

17. This excellent whale species framed print.

Get it here.

18. This darling butter dish.

Get it here!

19. These cozy, whale-patterned towels.

Get them from West Elm.

20. And this nice little throw pillow.

Get it here!

21. These swell-looking socks.

Get them here.

22. This wonderful family of mugs.

Get them here!

23. Or this singular mug with a whale family on it.

Get it here.

24. This hilarious hoodie for your dog.

If you have one. Or you could buy it and make friends with a dog who would like to wear it. Get it here.

25. This awe-inspiring tote bag.

Get it here!

26. And these nifty little pouches.

Get them here!

27. Finally, you can donate to WWF to receive a whale adoption kit, and really make a difference in whale conservation!


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