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33 Amazing Tattoos For The Animal Lover In You

When you want to take the beauty of the natural world and put it on your body.

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2. This beautiful geometric wolf.

3. This collection of sophisticated animals.

5. This gentleman of a cat.

6. This illustrious angelfish.

9. This equally majestic whale.

10. This simple yet beautiful elephant.

11. This March of the Penguins-inspired piece.

13. This pristine butterfly.

14. This beautiful perching bird.

15. This chill af blue-footed booby.

16. This awe-inspiring stag/landscape combo.

17. This intricately-patterned buffalo.

18. This stunning portrait.

19. This gorgeous sea turtle.

21. This captivating scene.

22. This adorable fennec fox.

27. This flowery little fellow.

28. This colorful hummingbird.

30. This b0$$ dinosaur skull.

31. This brilliant af rainforest scene.

32. This precious little bear.

33. And this remarkable American kestrel and flowers.

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