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    12 Cute Snakes In Tiny Hats Who Will Help You Conquer Your Fear

    Don't be afraid, they are SO CUTE.

    1. OK, OK, snakes can be scary. But there's a secret to making them less fear-inducing, and it's TINY HATS.

    2. You can't deny the cuteness of a lil' snake in a lil' paper hat.

    3. Or the adorable nature of a snake in a TINY TOPHAT.

    And the mustache, THE MUSTACHE.

    4. LOOK IT'S YODA. Just kidding, it's another snake in a hat being cute.

    Instagram: @gandalfwearshats

    (This is Gandalf the snake and wearing hats is kind of his thing.)

    5. Snakes can pretty much pull off any type of hat.

    6. Even Santa hats, and everyone knows Santa hats aren't very flattering.

    7. Here's a reindeer to go along with that Santa. Come on, he's CUTE.

    8. And look at this little witch. She's DARLING.

    9. Even a simple, silver bow is a good hat on a snake.

    (Check out more amazing photography here!)

    10. See? Are they really that scary?

    11. Snakes are just misunderstood little fellows.

    12. So let's give three cheers for snakes in hats, paving the way for a greater snake appreciation in this world.