12 Cute Snakes In Tiny Hats Who Will Help You Conquer Your Fear

    Don't be afraid, they are SO CUTE.

    1. OK, OK, snakes can be scary. But there's a secret to making them less fear-inducing, and it's TINY HATS.

    2. You can't deny the cuteness of a lil' snake in a lil' paper hat.

    3. Or the adorable nature of a snake in a TINY TOPHAT.

    4. LOOK IT'S YODA. Just kidding, it's another snake in a hat being cute.

    5. Snakes can pretty much pull off any type of hat.

    6. Even Santa hats, and everyone knows Santa hats aren't very flattering.

    7. Here's a reindeer to go along with that Santa. Come on, he's CUTE.

    8. And look at this little witch. She's DARLING.

    9. Even a simple, silver bow is a good hat on a snake.

    10. See? Are they really that scary?

    11. Snakes are just misunderstood little fellows.

    12. So let's give three cheers for snakes in hats, paving the way for a greater snake appreciation in this world.