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23 Speckly Puppies Who Will Add Sunshine To Your Life

Puppies and spots: the actual ingredients for happiness.

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1. This messy puppy who is part speckles, part mud splatters.

2. This angel who is looking at your face but seeing your soul.

3. This ambitious dreamer who is "digging a hole to China."

4. This speckled filling in a weiner dog sandwich.

5. This baby with a tasteful smattering of spots.

6. This precious angel with under-belly speckles.

Creative Commons / Flickr: elvissa

7. This little goober.

Creative Commons / Flickr: zingpix

8. This frolicker in the flowers.

Creative Commons / Flickr: 24957796@N05

9. This weenie dog questioning if he is the cutest in all the land. (He is.)

10. This adorable pile of spots.

11. This beautiful Dalmation/Corgi mix.

12. This stoic, contemplative being.

Creative Commons / Flickr: 44531407@N03

13. This Great Dane who lost one of his spots.

14. And this puppy Great Dane with a perfect peppered nose.

15. This guy whose big spots spell out "Poo."

16. This multi-colored dog bridge.

17. This wee little baby still growing into his spots.

18. This angelic, heavenly, very tired being.

19. This little bundle of dots.

20. This comfy guy with casual belly spots.

21. And THIS comfy guy with casual belly spots.

22. This polka-dotted goofball.

23. And last but not least, this pure embodiment of "puppy dog eyes."

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