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18 Beautiful Tattoos For Anyone Who Loves The Ocean

Because if you can't always be at the ocean, you can at least have a reminder with you at all times.

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2. This elegantly simple wave.

6. This precious little whale.

10. And this darling starfish.

Done by Jayson at Black Sails Tattoo.

11. This flowing jellyfish.

Instagram: @juju

Done by Juju.

12. This magnificent blue dolphin.

13. This gorgeous sunset.

Done by Tebe.

14. This tiny, adventurous sailboat.

15. And this delicate soaring sea gull.

Instagram: @small

16. This lovely little collection of sea treasures.

Instagram: @feeabreeu

Done by Fee Abreu.

18. And this heart made of waves, because your heart belongs to the ocean!!

Instagram: @yaninaviland

Done by Yanina Viland.

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