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    18 Beautiful Tattoos For Anyone Who Loves The Ocean

    Because if you can't always be at the ocean, you can at least have a reminder with you at all times.

    1. This badass shark tooth.

    2. This elegantly simple wave.

    3. This lifelike seashell.

    4. And this small, simple shell.

    5. This incredible beach scene.

    6. This precious little whale.

    7. And these friendly giants.

    8. This intricate fan coral.

    9. This magical mermaid tail.

    10. And this darling starfish.

    11. This flowing jellyfish.

    12. This magnificent blue dolphin.

    13. This gorgeous sunset.

    14. This tiny, adventurous sailboat.

    15. And this delicate soaring sea gull.

    16. This lovely little collection of sea treasures.

    17. This gentle manatee.

    18. And this heart made of waves, because your heart belongs to the ocean!!

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