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    16 Incredible Sharks Who Deserve More Recognition

    Great Whites are incredible, but so are all the other sharks that exist.

    1. The basking shark, who is actually LARGER (growing up to 33 feet and some weighing over 8,000 lbs) than Great Whites and not quite as grumpy.

    Creative Commons / Flickr: 10565417@N03

    Why They Need More Lovin': Basking sharks are gentle giants. They may look big and scary, but they are filter feeders, and really just want to be your friend.

    2. Green lanternsharks. GREEN LANTERN-sharks.

    Public Domain

    Why They Need More Lovin': They have the same name as the dang Green Lantern and that is super cool but like nobody is talking about it???? Why has this not been talked about?????

    3. Whale Sharks who are the largest fish and friendliest big fellas in the ocean.

    Creative Commons / Flickr: cs-jay

    Why They Need More Lovin': Whale sharks are the biggest of all the sharks and yet they are probably the least threatening. They will let you swim alongside them and hug them and love them for as long as you can hold your breath underwater.

    4. The frilled shark, who lurks in the depths of the ocean with 25 rows of 300 incredibly sharp teeth, pretty much just smiling like a maniac.

    Discover Channel /
    Discovery Channel /

    Why They Need More Lovin': Frilled sharks might smile so much to show off their teeth, or they might just be happy af creatures, which is a great enough reason to show them some love!

    5. The cookie cutter shark whose mouth is shaped in a way that when they bite from their prey, it leaves a perfectly round gauge, as if left by a cookie cutter.

    Karsten Hartel - Marine Fisheries Review 65(4)
    Karsten Hartel - Marine Fisheries Review 65(4)

    Why They Need More Lovin': They are terrifying creatures of nightmares but when it comes down to it, they didn't ask for that life. They were given it. And we should love them even with their evil ways and their literally cold-blooded hearts.

    6. The angel shark who wants to stop being pegged as just another run of the mill fish.

    Creative Commons / Flickr: biodivlibrary

    Why They Need More Lovin': Yeah, all sharks are fish, but not all fish are sharks. The angel shark is one of the lucky few, but rarely gets attention for it. It's time for that to change.

    7. And the Caribbean reef shark who quite frankly is tired of being called a Great White.

    Creative Commons / Flickr: joi

    Why They Need More Lovin': It's kind of like at Starbucks when you say your name is Ashley and they decide to call you Andrea. That's what these guys go through on a regular basis. Nobody needs that.

    8. The megamouth, who was only recently discovered despite it's giant size.

    Discovery Channel /
    Discovery Channel /

    Why They Need More Lovin': Having been discovered only three decades ago, these fellas are new to the scene. They should be welcomed with open hearts and a warm "We love you Megamouth."

    9. The tasselled wobbegong shark whose scientific name means ''well fringed nose with shaggy beard."

    Creative Commons / Flickr: elevy

    Why They Need More Lovin': In a society where beards are trendy, you would think these guys would be kings. But instead they're kind of self conscious because nobody's telling them just how much they're KILLIN IT in the beard game, and that deserves some love and appreciation.

    Also just TRY to say "tasselled wobbegong" without giggling.

    10. Whitetip reef sharks, who aren't the territorial type, and throw the most packed house parties.

    Creative Commons / Flickr: elevy

    Why They Need More Lovin': What is friendlier than opening your home to anyone and everyone? NOTHING. They love everyone so everyone should love them back.

    Also, they really do throw a GREAT party.

    11. The epaulette shark, who has manners and will politely chew his food instead of being a classic rude shark that just wolfs it down whole.

    Creative Commons / Flickr: technicolourcity

    Why They Need More Lovin': Manners and politeness are increasingly lost in the young generations, and are a thing to be respected and truly appreciated.

    12. The goblin shark, who, let's be honest, might be the ugliest shark out there.

    Why They Need More Lovin': As the ugly duckling of the shark world, this lil' weirdo shouldn't be left out of our shark appreciation just because he looks funky.

    13. The longnose sawshark who has a long nose that looks like a saw.

    Longnose Sawshark. Only live in the sandy seabeds of southern Australia. #Sharks

    Why They Need More Lovin': They have a long nose that looks like a saw. What's not to love about that?

    14. The Port Jackson shark, who has a venomous spine on top of his dorsal fins.

    Creative Commons / Flickr: photgeniccreativity

    Why They Need Lovin': Port Jackson sharks are little homebodies, and don't live anywhere other than the southern Australian waters. That's probably why not many people know about them, and they deserve some recognition.

    15. Small-spotted catsharks, who embody the same grumpiness essential to cats in general.

    Hans Hillewaert / CC BY-SA http://4.0

    Why They Need More Lovin': Honestly the dogfish sharks of the world are always the ones that get praised, and the catsharks are only pretending to not feel left out. We should show them some support.

    16. The thresher shark, who kills his prey with his long tail as opposed to his teethies.

    Why They Need More Lovin': Whoever heard of a shark that doesn't hunt with their hundreds of teeth? The thresher defies stereotypes, using his massive tail to stir up the water and trap fish in a whirlpool, whacking them hard before chowing down.

    You break through that glass ceiling, Thresher Shark. We're here to cheer you on.

    A previous version of this post used a photo of the sawfish as opposed to the longnose sawshark. Do not fret, all has been mended.

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