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17 Problems You'll Understand If You're Tall-Ish

So you're not Super Tall...but you're still tall.

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1. For starters, you've never, ever been labeled "the Tall One," because there's always someone taller than you.

But that doesn't make you any LESS tall.
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But that doesn't make you any LESS tall.

2. All your jeans are just BARELY long enough.

3. And you never know if you should head to the back row for group pictures.

So you often end up in a weird limbo or back corner.

4. People LOVE to push your buttons and call you short.


5. And it kills you when your siblings are taller.

6. You become overly determined to prove you can reach things.

Piotr Nowak /
Piotr Nowak /

7. And overly defensive when people credit your extra height to your shoes.

8. Plus, when you wear heels, people are shocked at how tall you are.

9. Or when you stop slouching, they're all, "Wow, you're ACTUALLY tall!"

Warner Bros.

10. But you're not tall enough to be on America's Next Top Model.

The CW

11. You still wish for just a few extra inches.

12. And you're ashamed that this gives you a sense of pride and community.

13. The Really Tall People are always like, "Stop complaining, I have it worse."

14. And if you're being honest, you can't relate to 100% of their struggle no matter how much you wish you could.

Like, nobody's asked if you play basketball.

Like, nobody's asked if you play basketball.

15. You tend to label yourself tall more than other people do.

16. And you hate how much you live for the moments people casually call you tall.

17. Because at the end of the day, it's you against the world fighting for your official title as TALL PERSON, and every little victory counts.

"I'm tall. I'm TALL." / Via

"I'm tall. I'm TALL."

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