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18 Pictures You Understand If You're Weird As Hell

Glamour is not your forte.

1. Here is a rare photo of you with your favorite friends and colleagues:

2. And here's documentation of the time you were willing to socialize because you heard someone mention your favorite band:

3. Rare photo of you sexting:

4. And a rare photo of you in art class:

5. Here's a shot someone snagged of you on your way to work:

6. And this, of course, is you during a run-of-the-mill work day:

7. Here, a snapshot of the brief moment you spent contemplating the differences between good and bad, light and dark, Pepsi and Coke:

8. Rare photo of you from "the good old days":

9. Here you are, shockingly, at the gym:

10. Here's a stolen look at you out at the club:

11. And here you are in your private residence on the weekends you choose to stay in:

12. Rare photo of you home alone:

13. And another of you at the end of every February:

14. Here you are FaceTiming your best friend:

15. And here's that time you answered a question in class without being 100% sure, because the teacher was getting angry and none of your classmates were speaking up:

16. Here's you waiting for your mom to finish cooking dinner:

17. And here's this photo that captures you at the end of every day:

18. And finally, here's an incredibly hard-to-come-by collection of your selfies: