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19 Puppy Best Friends Because The World Doesn't Completely Suck

Puppy friendships are the best friendships.

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1. This adorable pair of besties.

2. And this duo who is working through an argument.

3. These troublemakers caught on their worst behavior.

4. And these pals who are both on their best behavior! / Via munnamera

5. This adventure team.

6. These fearless explorers.

7. These BFFs telling each other jokes.

8. These cuddle buddies.

9. And this pair, who think their size difference only makes things more fun!

10. These rascals working together to take down a shoe.

11. These floofs practicing their wrestling.

12. And these babies all tuckered out after a long day of playing.

13. These pals in school together.

14. And these two who met and became best friends right away.

15. This comfy couch trio. / Via AddictedToClashOfClans

16. And these tired lil' monkeys. / Via thisismycurse

17. These fluffy mess-makers.

18. These two who are the same size...for now.

19. And finally, these pals ready for the long road of friendship ahead!

Bonus: A puppy who is best friends with a cat, because you deserve one more lil' thing to smile about!



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