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32 Puppies Who Are Just Really Happy

They are truly living.

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1. This beautiful drop of sunshine.

6. This darling amongst the flowers who is proud for not tearing them up.

8. This speckly friend chillin' with his secret treasure, a ~magical~ pinecone.

9. This puppy who loves the feel of wind against her ears!

10. This princess in her new gown for the Puppy Ball.

11. This precious angel of a corgi puppy.

12. This lil' baby hopping through the clovers on a grand adventure.

15. This pudgy little fellow practicing his parade wave.

16. This pile of happy, sleeping spots.


17. This ball of wrinkles who is very excited to see you and tell you about his day.


21. This guy learning new tricks from an old dog and feeling pretty great about it.

25. This buddy enjoying a yummy pupsicle in the park.

29. These silly friends playing by the lake.

31. This blue-eyed pittie loving being tickled.