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19 Of The Most Beautiful Women On Earth

Behold the greatest beauty this world has to offer.

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1. Look at her. She's a beautiful raindrop bringing life and relief to our drought-ridden lands.

2. And her, a figure of stunning brilliance drowning out all the shadows in her presence.

3. When this lady walks down staircases, everyone stops and stares in wonder and awe.

4. When this shining gemstone awakens, crowds go wild and trumpets blare.

5. Does this lady know she is the entire definition of flawless?

6. Does this bodacious woman know she makes hearts flutter whenever she struts by?

7. Look at this champion, with her might and perseverance and elegance.

8. And this Sleeping Beauty, slender and soft and serene.

9. We can only watch wistfully as this daydream runs through the golden sunshine with her luscious coat and heart of valor.

10. We can only admire from afar as this paragon of virtue dreams her big dreams. We hope she achieves all of them.

11. Look at her. Centuries into the future, the people will still tell stories of the Great Beauty In The Panda Suit.

12. And countless symphonies will be written for The Woman Whose Peeking Tongue Cured Sadness.

13. Behold, she's more radiant than all the stars in the sky shining their brightest.

14. She's more regal than every king in the land and all their sons to come.

15. She's faster than Achilles and more beautiful than Aphrodite.

16. Like a dream, this magical unicorn peers into your soul and lights a candle there.

17. While this wild-eyed seductress sets ablaze a bonfire in your heart.

18. Gaze upon this divine, egg-shaped goddess and wonder if you will ever see anything more magnificent in your life.

19. And at long last, shed a tear, because these are the most beautiful ladies in all of the land, and we are lucky to be graced by their unending glory.

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