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    24 Struggles Of Being The Way-Older Sibling

    AKA when you're the built-in babysitter.

    1. First of all, everyone assumes they're your kid.


    2. Which especially sucks when they're being assholes in public and you want to scream "THIS IS NOT MY CHILD."

    3. You're basically a built-in babysitter.

    4. You have to engineer ways to put in the least amount of effort to keep them satisfied 'til mom gets home.

    5. And having to take care of them all the time has made you so skeptical of being an actual parent.


    6. You are up to date on all the little-kid TV shows and have seen so many hours of mind-numbing television you kind of want to scoop your eyes out.


    7. And the goddamn songs get stuck in your head for days on end.


    *Backpack, backpack*

    8. Your patience is tested every single day.

    9. And you have to pretend like the crap they say is enlightening and important.

    10. Plus, you have to watch your mouth.

    Universal Studios / Via Twitter: @ParallaxStella

    11. And your actions. They pick up stuff so quickly.

    12. You feel extra guilty when they catch you setting a bad example.

    Walt Disney Studios


    13. You have to be good at multitasking.

    14. But sometimes you get wrapped up in your own self-importance because hey, it's not REALLY your job to take care of the baby.


    15. It's hard not to use everything they do as a meme.

    16. And it's hard not to corrupt their innocent little world.

    17. They KNOW you've got games on your phone.

    18. And you occasionally get weird texts from your mom's phone.

    Twitter: @ellavansiegman

    They ALWAYS go for the poop emoji.

    19. Sometimes the natural sibling rivalry brings out the worst in you even though you are an adult and they are a child.

    20. While you're celebrating life milestones, they're still being little shits.

    21. Your little-kid language sometimes slips out when you're with your peers.

    Cartoon Network

    22. And you've had your fair share of ruined dates.

    Disney Channel

    23. You can't escape it.

    24. But when it comes down to it, you get super emotional when you think about how they will grow up and won't always be your lil' baby. 😭😭😭


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