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    19 Weird Things That Are So, So Ohio

    Ohio, the heart of it all.

    Some people may think there's nothing to see in Ohio. Those people are wrong.

    1. We happen to have this beauty, an art installment called Field of Corn, but commonly referred to as Cornhenge.

    2. And the annual Butter Cow exhibit at the Ohio State Fair.

    Twitter: @suzgold's a cow made entirely out of butter....

    3. Or the whale building in Cleveland, which everyone drives by, but nobody knows what's inside.

    Twitter: @theONLYYaYah

    Mystery solved: It's the Cleveland Public Power Plant, just fancy-lookin'.

    4. Can't forget about the giant Longaberger basket building.

    Twitter: @Longaberger

    Which sadly had to close its doors due to a decline in the basket industry.

    5. And these lovely road signs on the way to Cincinnati.

    6. Forget ball pits — kids in Ohio play in pools of corn kernels.

    7. Girls sunbathe on the roof because we don't have beaches.

    Twitter: @diarmuided

    Unless you're up on Lake Erie, you lucky duck.

    8. Heck, you can even drive your horse and buggy to Walmart if you want.

    9. But you also have to remember that at any point, you can get stuck behind a tractor.

    10. Everyone loves our creepy-ass talking Smokey the Bear statue that magically knows kids' names.

    Twitter: @MorganHendrix

    Until the day you find out your mom told a guy with a notepad who then showed your name to the person behind the curtain doing Smokey's voice.

    11. And trips to Handel's Ice Cream, where the Ohio dedication to sports is proudly part of the advertising.

    12. There's of course the most intense sports thing of all sports things: the Ohio State–Michigan rivalry.

    13. We even wear these buckeye necklaces, which none of us will admit are friggin' hideous.

    14. Ask an Ohioan about the weather and most of us will just sigh.

    Twitter: @rethcir_relyt

    Seriously, you can experience all four seasons in ONE DAY.

    15. We're used to getting enough snow to make an igloo (and rent it out, apparently).

    16. Ohioans think it's normal to spell Ohio with your arms literally anywhere you go outside of Ohio.

    17. And anywhere, anytime, you can scream "O-H" just to hear that "I-O" come ringing back.

    18. The unofficial condiment of Ohio is ranch dressing.

    Twitter: @itsDaneBro

    Ranch on pizza, ranch on fries, ranch on everything.

    19. And of course, Ohio wouldn't be Ohio without our unofficial state sport: CORN HOLE.

    Twitter: @HPiglord28

    Or Bags or Beans or whatever it is that you choose to call it.


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