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    The 21 Most WTF Things That Have Happened In The Animal Kingdom

    DISCLAIMER: this is not for the faint of heart. You may never want to leave home again. Can you get through it?

    21. This papa seahorse practically sneezing out his babies.

    20. The Penis Snake.

    19. This glass frog whose organs you can see through his skin.

    18. The Classic WTF Parrot

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    Not so much disgusting, but still WTF. A little comic relief to prepare you for the road ahead...

    17. Antlers shedding their velvet.

    16. This snake coming out of a Cheerios box.

    15. This hagfish oozing slime and somebody casually pulling it off.

    14. This giant ass weta who is actually the world's largest insect species.

    13. "The Gooey Duck Song"

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    12. This fish with human teeth.

    11. This bat chillin' on a girl's face. Casual.

    10. This pearlfish who lives in sea cucumber buttholes.

    9. This disturbing selfie.

    Just a girl and her best friend.

    8. This Surinam Toad with holes in its back for its babies.

    7. The Turtle Peen.

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    6. This immense failure at killing a spider.

    5. This parasite that eats its host's tongue and then latches on to be a new fake tongue.

    4. This fungus that infiltrates insect minds and controls their brains so it can take over the insect's body.

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    3. This horrifying description of this horrifying animal.

    2. This horned lizard feeling threatened and shooting its own blood out of its eye.

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    1. And the winner of most WTF: This entire, utterly terrifying process of a leech preying on a worm.

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    NO. NO NO NO.

    Close your windows, draw the curtains, lock your doors. This world is a creepy one.