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14 Adorable Animals Giving You Kind Of OK Advice

It's the thought that counts.

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1. "Play with the things you're not supposed to because Time Out is so worth it."

Cairo / Cute or Not

2. "It's OK to fall asleep mid-conversation if you are especially tired."

Felix / Cute or Not

3. "Don't let mud stains keep you from living your dreams."

Cute or Not

4. "Change things up sometimes and sleep on the floor next to your bed instead of your actual comfy bed."

Chloe / Cute or Not

5. "Find people who really understand 'Netflix and Chill.'"

George & Harry / Cute or Not

6. "Remember you're beautiful, with or without a bandana as cool as mine."

Lily / Cute or Not

7. "Don't let anyone tell you your nap position is weird."

Sadie / Cute or Not

8. "I always advise sitting on the top of your house and thinking really hard about who you are as a person."

Alvin / Cute or Not

9. "Always sniff the hand that feeds you."

Bob / Cute or Not

10. "Never stop looking for ~your~ red dot."

Lightning / Cute or Not

11. "Greet everyone like they have a pocket full of treats."

Panda / Cute or Not

12. "When you're wearing a bow, wear the heck out of it."

Murphy / Cute or Not


Taylor / Cute or Not

14. "Never stop napping. Never stop dreaming."

Kia / Cute or Not

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