18 Cats Who Are Proving They Are Liquids

    It's the cold, hard facts.

    According to Merriam-Webster, to be a liquid is to be capable of flowing freely, like water.

    1. Therefore, cats must be liquids. Look at them.

    2. Just... look at them.

    3. They fit into anything that isn't cat-shaped.

    4. They are far too squishy to be solids.

    5. This cat is literally dripping off someone's legs.

    6. And this one's basically waterfalling down the stairs.

    7. Kinda seems like if cats were not liquid, they wouldn't be able to fit into tiny boxes like this.

    8. Or compressed into little pitchers like this one.

    9. That jiggling looks like a pretty liquid sort of thing.

    10. And if sinks are meant for water...

    11. Then why are so many cats all up in them?

    12. Seems questionable.

    13. Here's a cat leaking through the cracks. Just like a nonsolid.

    14. Surely this once identifiable cat can only look so elongated because he is...GASP...A LIQUID!!!


    16. Like, did that kitten just *magically* pop out of that tiny hole? NO. THAT KITTEN IS LIQUID.

    17. Open your eyes, people.

    18. CATS 👏🏻ARE 👏🏻LIQUIDS. 👏🏻