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18 Mother's Day Gifts Your Dog Would Get You If They Could

Because let's be real, your dogs are your children.

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1. Your pup would be on his BEST behavior for you, ALL DAY.

2. And would wake you up with breakfast in bed.

3. She'd probably clean the house and vacuum all the fur.

4. And maybe do some yard work too!

5. Your pup would know that ESPECIALLY on Mother's Day, Mama wants a big ol' glass of wine.

6. Maybe he would surprise you with a yoga class membership.

8. And you wouldn't have to drive.

9. Of course your lil' baby would give you flowers.

10. And she might leave you alone for a WHOLE HOUR to eat ice cream and watch your programs on Netflix.

11. Maybe he'd dress up and take you out for a nice dinner.

12. Or maybe your pup would frame a picture of the two of you.

14. Or perhaps surprise tickets to the opera?

15. Maybe she would paint a picture for you.

17. Or maybe just bring you all the sticks.

18. But even though your doggie won't be getting you any gifts, it's OK, because the best part of being a dog mom is that they love you like every day is Mother's Day.

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